5 ways in which the BEPS Early Years children are encouraged to REFLECT on their learning

1. Circle Times – When we begin the day, children are guided with questions that connect old learning with new one: “Today we’ll be learning about.. Did we talk about this before?” Referring to the visual flow of the day in the morning helps children reflect where they are and what comes next in their learning. At the end of the day, further reflection is encouraged with questions such as: “What was new in school today? Who were you kind to? What was difficult for you today? What would you like to do more of?”
2. Choosing Activities – What will they choose to work on during Free Flow? Which animals would they like to paint for their exhibition?
Asking the children to reflect on which learning choices they would like to make increases their awareness of their learning.
3. Saying What They are Good at – The children are constantly encouraged to reflect and share what their strengths are. During an activity about our Golden Rules the children were invited to choose the Golden Rules they believe they respect most. A display with their explanations of their choice was shared with the parents. During Exit Points they are invited to choose which of their work they want to share with the parents and the rest of our community.
4. Daily Sustained Shared Thinking – In one to one interactions, the children are challenged to explain why, talk about what they observe, think about what can happen next.
5. Weekly Reflection Activity on Seesaw – Each Friday the children are invited to reflect on their learning with the help of pictures of activities that highlight the learning goals of the week. Parents can further extend these topics at home if they choose to.

Reflection fosters critical thinking, a deeper understanding of the learning experiences in school and how these are connected to the outside world.