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Providing Quality Education for Children aged 2½ to 15

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Our Values

Whilst acknowledging the importance of academic achievement, we believe it is imperative that our children grow as a person.

The world is in constant flux. Globalisation, the digital revolution and social media influence our lives and how we interact with each other. New challenges arise: global warming, sources of energy, shortages of water etc. Independence and interdependence, relationships, communication and the way countries influence each other fluctuate too. Therefore, through their learning experiences the children are encouraged to reflect on their own development within these changes.

We aim to integrate the younger generation into the present world and to prepare them to play a key role in shaping their world, both locally and globally. We also ensure they foster positive attitudes in order to develop the qualities and attributes they will need to function effectively and at ease in the 21st Century.

Our children reach these goals by learning about International Mindedness, the IPC Personal Goals during Early Years and Primary, our Golden Rules, and about the IB learner profile during Secondary.

At BEPS, we want our children to engage in learning relevant to the 21st Century and beyond. They need to be able to thrive in today's world where learning is expanding and change is constant, and in tomorrow's world too. Therefore, teachers will facilitate their learning using up to date practices based on the latest research in education and neurosciences. Teachers design brain friendly learning and develop the children's ability to articulate on their learning using relevant assessment practices.

BEPS kids playing the in the playground
BEPS Kids climbing on playground equipment