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Brain Friendly Learning

Learning to Learn

As they grow, children at BEPS develop an understanding of how the brain works and learns. This is vital to ensure they become confident independent learners.

The Early Years learn about healthy eating, outdoor activities and the benefit sleeping has on their brains.

In Primary, they start their year learning about their Brain through the IPC unit: Learning to learn

They learn how neurones help them make connections and review the importance of drinking water regularly as well as eating healthily and exercising.

IPC Learning Diagram
Multiple Intelligence Diagram

Learning styles:

We believe the children should be able to learn through their favourite learning style. Therefore, they engage in their learning through a variety of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities. As a result, they are able to define which learning style is the best for them.

International Primary Curriculum approach to learning:

The IPC Units are developed following a clear structure that enables the children to understand what they are learning about and why. This increases their motivation, interest and engagement. As a result, their new knowledge is recorded in their long- term memories.