A warm welcome to BEPS!

Since 1972 BEPS International School has served the International Community of Brussels by providing quality education for children aged 2½ to 16. It is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Brussels, surrounded by the green of the Bois de La Cambre.

During their time at BEPS, children are provided with exciting learning opportunities to ensure that they reach their full potential not only academically, but also emotionally, socially and personally. Our learning definition is reflected in our daily practices.

When you join BEPS you join a family!

Parents value our family atmosphere, the care given to each student and the quality learning experiences.

Our staff, teaching and non-teaching, are dedicated and committed to providing a nurturing environment for a successful start in learning for life.

Our 250 students and our teaching body come from all around the world and instil rich diversity into our school. We value and respect the contributions that they bring with them.

We believe that the learning process for your children is a team effort and a partnership between home and school. Parents’ role in the process is a vital one. Therefore, on many occasions, parents are invited to explore and discuss their children’s learning.

We would be delighted to welcome you to BEPS, to discover our school and our friendly atmosphere.

Pascale Hertay, School Director

Charlotte Van Brussel, Finance & Administration Director

Our mission

Learning, Listening, Living,

Shaping our futures together.


The BEPS way of learning

It’s based on thinking

  • Developing creative and critical thinking skills is just as important as developing the program of knowledge in disciplines.
  • Every learner needs to learn how to transfer what they’ve used in one area to another.
  • Highlight the role of approaches to learning in well-being, particularly in learning how to self-manage and the development of healthy habits.

It’s applied in the real world

  • We make the most of industry connections to give an authentic context wherever we can. Career-based learning is more than a ‘course’ – it’s an exciting way to learn whatever your age.
  • We ensure every child understands the potential pathways in life they might take, from a young age.
  • We spot the opportunities for taking learning beyond the walls of the school into the outdoor environment and the city.

It’s interdisciplinary and project-based

  • Authentic learning and work is interdisciplinary. Every child should have the opportunity to connect disciplinary learning in rich, authentic ways.
  • We need to support students in projects that develop research skills and embed academic integrity e.g. handbooks for the Extended Essay EE; and for the CAS and Experiential aspects.
  • We need to design or choose processes and tools for planning together, and sharing assessment between disciplines.

BEPS Learning Definition

When we are learning at BEPS we are engaged in a range of experiences to develop our knowledge, skills and understandings. Reflecting on these enables us to build our confidence to become independent learners for life.

Our values

At BEPS International School,

We dream big, we work hard, we make it happen,

We grow as people not just as learners,

We make each day a new adventure!

Our community and our team

Our friendly and welcoming community offers a safe, caring and stimulating environment.

BEPS International School also offers a unique working environment in a beautiful mansion.