Our Community

Our friendly and welcoming community offers a safe, caring and stimulating environment, in which pupils are challenged to reach their full potential.

BEPS provides a close-knit community where everyone feels welcome and valued.

Parent Teacher Association

All our parents are members of our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).

We have an energetic PTA committee that organises events where parents, teachers and children can meet and get to know each other in an informal context.

During family events the PTA raises money to contribute towards school projects or to support one of the school charity projects.

Family events:

  • Welcome Back Picnic. This is held mid September, to meet and greet our new families and catch up with others after the summer break
  • Halloween or Winter party
  • Summer Fair

PTA children’s treats:

  • Saint Nicolas, 6th December
  • Halloween
  • Easter Egg Hunt in the BEPS garden

Welcome Picnic

Easter Egg Hunt


We love to keep in touch with our families and to hear about our children when they move on to Secondary School or back to their countries. We like to hear about their new projects and eventually their chosen professions.

To help families keep in touch and up to date with how we are developing, we encourage our Alumni to follow our Facebook page . We are always happy to welcome you back to visit or to join a PTA event when you are in Brussels.

Alumni can also join the “We were BEPS kids” page on Facebook, which is run by former students.

See what our community says

Our daughter has again made marked progress this year, developing more organisational structure inside herself and so in her school work and activities. She is showing more and more interest in school and as parents, we are now feeling positive about her gaining in confidence and finding her place in the world. She has a remarkable group of teachers. They are interested, understanding, patient, creative and always highly responsive to any concerns we or our daughter may have. She feels safe, nurtured, encouraged, challenged and respected at school. This is a gift for her and for us as parents. To have all this in a school is rare. So, thank you wholeheartedly.

Ingrid Owens

Current parent BEPS Secondary - MYP5

The best part of our experience at BEPS was to know that the school offered more than just a curriculum and that our son was learning in a multicultural environment with values similar to ours. The emotional support during his adaptation to a new language was impressive, he evolved so fast, being able to express himself in English sooner than we could anticipate

Julio Cordeiro

Brazil, Lower Primary Parent 2019 - 2021

We have been so happy with BEPS and are sorry to leave. Unfortunately, we have to due to our work. My son keeps saying he wants to stay at school all the time – and he is upset when school is closed. And he is learning so so much! That is the best compliment for a school in my opinion. We are so impressed by how the teachers and team challenge, care for, comfort and support the kids – amazing!

Nanna Gelebo

Sweden, Early Years Parent 2020-2021

Niovi Angelidi

Greece, Current Parent Y5 & MYP2

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