Let’s get to know each other!

Choosing a new school is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions parents face, it is not always easy to know which school is right for your child(ren).

While we try to include as much relevant information as possible on our website as we can, we cannot fully communicate the friendly and welcoming atmosphere you will be greeted with when you set foot in BEPS.

Therefore, in order to make an informed decision regarding the opportunities available for your child(ren)’s education, we invite you to make an appointment for a private tour of our school.

Let’s get to know each other!

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Thanks for an amazing experience Yesterday! Spurred on by our son, we found ourselves counting down to the opening of the Dinosaur museum, and the event certainly exceeded our expectations. Two things in particular truly touched us:
– the dignity and respect with which you treat our children, which clearly encourages their autonomy. The event felt centered on their empowerment and we thought that was great
– the “excellence” of the team work: you’ve put the bar very high, it was so well organized! You made it all seem very natural but we have no doubt about how much effort went into designing and preparing. For us it is a joy to see our son surrounded by people “who go the extra mile” with a smile.

Mum of a Early Years 2 student

February 2023

Our children loved this beautiful school located in the forest – the best environment to learn for a kid! BEPS’ international community was a very enriching experience that allowed us to develop many memorable friendships and organize so many playdates for our kids. We also had opportunities to speak to the teachers and follow up on our kids’ growth. We are all missing BEPS and will be thinking of you from here. BEPS was our first school. Our kids spent their first three years of school and were so happy all the time, becoming self-confident thanks to the dedicated attention they received from everyone in the school.


Natalia Federighi

Early Years & Lower Primary, Parent 2018-2021

Our daughter has again made marked progress this year, developing more organisational structure inside herself and so in her school work and activities. She is showing more and more interest in school and as parents, we are now feeling positive about her gaining in confidence and finding her place in the world. She has a remarkable group of teachers. They are interested, understanding, patient, creative and always highly responsive to any concerns we or our daughter may have. She feels safe, nurtured, encouraged, challenged and respected at school. This is a gift for her and for us as parents. To have all this in a school is rare. So, thank you wholeheartedly.

Ingrid Owens

Current parent BEPS Secondary - MYP5

The best part of our experience at BEPS was to know that the school offered more than just a curriculum and that our son was learning in a multicultural environment with values similar to ours. The emotional support during his adaptation to a new language was impressive, he evolved so fast, being able to express himself in English sooner than we could anticipate

Julio Cordeiro

Brazil, Lower Primary Parent 2019 - 2021

We have been so happy with BEPS and are sorry to leave. Unfortunately, we have to due to our work. My son keeps saying he wants to stay at school all the time – and he is upset when school is closed. And he is learning so so much! That is the best compliment for a school in my opinion. We are so impressed by how the teachers and team challenge, care for, comfort and support the kids – amazing!

Nanna Gelebo

Sweden, Early Years Parent 2020-2021

Niovi Angelidi

Greece, Current Parent Y5 & MYP2

Gabriel Kuri

Current Parent MYP5

Year Groups Equivalency

Early Years 1ToddlersAcquisition
Early Years 2PreschoolPreschoolPreschool 1
Early Years 3Pre-KReceptionPreschool 2
Year 1KindergartenYear 1Preschool 3
Year 2Grade 1Year 2Primary 1
Year 3Grade 2Year 3Primary 2
Year 4Grade 3Year 4Primary 3
Year 5Grade 4Year 5Primary 4
Year 6Grade 5Year 6Primary 5
MYP 1 Grade 6Year 7Primary 6
MYP 2Grade 7Year 8Secondary 1
MYP 3Grade 8Year 9Secondary 2
MYP 4Grade 9Year 10Secondary 3
MYP 5Grade 10Year 11Secondary 4
DP 1/ CP 1Grade 11Year 12Secondary 5
DP 1/ CP 2Grade 12Year 13Secondary 6

Welcome to Brussels

Brussels is located in the heart of Europe, and it’s size means that it can offer the advantages of a capital city whilst retaining and the quality of life of a large and active town. You can easily travel from Brussels to Paris, London, Amsterdam or Cologne.

Where do our families live?
Most of our families live in Ixelles, Uccle and Watermael-Boitsfort. But we have children travelling from all around Brussels and further afield. However, be aware that traffic can sometimes be difficult in Brussels.

Need help with relocation?
Please find below some websites that can help you with your move and to settle in Brussels:

Expats in Brussels

If you would like the help of a relocation agent you can find their details on abra-relocation.com

Vaccination in Belgium
Vaccinations are an essential means of preventing infectious diseases at any time of life. Some vaccines are compulsory, others simply recommended.

In Belgium, only the polio vaccination is compulsory by law.

Highly recommended are those against: diphtheria, whooping cough, Type b Haemophilus influenzae, measles, rubella (German measles) and mumps.

Need a friendly face?
When you join our school we will happily put you in touch with a “BEPS Buddy Family”

Need a babysitter?
Some of our families recommend their babysitters, so please take a look for this information on the notice board next to the office.

Students from ULB University
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