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Financial Aid Programme

At BEPS, we believe that students learn best in an environment which includes peers from a variety of economic, cultural, and geographic backgrounds. As a result, BEPS is excited to introduce a Financial Aid Programme to support the enrolment of students who otherwise would not be able to attend the school due to financial reasons.  

The Financial Aid Programme is limited to students entering Year 7 – Year 10 (Grade 6 – Grade 9) who are either already enrolled at BEPS International School or joining from another school.

Recipients of financial aid will benefit from grants that cover a certain percentage of the annual tuition fee. The level of financial assistance is reviewed annually and covers the tuition fee alone.

The primary responsibility for tuition rests with the family, and each family is expected to fully utilise its own resources before requesting financial aid. BEPS recognises the distinctiveness of each situation and tailors aid packages to meet the needs demonstrated by families that qualify.

BEPS will consider applications for financial aid throughout the year, but there is a set annual budget. Once the financial aid budget is exhausted, we will be unable to offer additional grants in that year. Eligibility for financial aid does not guarantee that BEPS will automatically release funds.

For further details, contact the school's admissions office:

Financial Aid Application Process

Financial Aid Application Process

Step 1: Submitting the forms

Current families

All applicants for the BEPS Financial Aid Programme, where a student is currently in BEPS years 6-9, must complete the following documents:

Prospective families

All applicants for the BEPS Financial Aid Programme, yet to enrol in the school, must complete the following documents:

Step 2: The Family Interview

Together with their parents, students are invited to an interview with the Leadership Team (face-to-face or skype). During this interview, the student needs to demonstrate outstanding behaviour and attitudes to learning.

The family needs to be committed to the BEPS vision and mission and prepared to support initiatives in the school community (supporting PTA and PTA events, providing expertise and support for specific subjects learning, helping the school or the teachers to contact guest speakers, providing workshops linked to their profession to the students, promoting the school and its approach to learning in the wider community in various ways)

Step 3: The Decision

The Financial Aid committee will evaluate the application and the result of the interview in order t ensure they meet the financial aid criteria.

The decision will be communicated in writing to the family.

For further details, contact the school's admissions office:

Guiding principles for families applying to the BEPS Financial Aid Programme

  1. The family seeks to apply for aid only after it has determined its own resources are insufficient to cover school costs and has exhausted the potential resources and options available to it.
  2. The family is open and honest when completing financial aid applications and when providing any supporting documentation.
  3. The family submits true and accurate tax-related documentation. The school reserves the right to check the accuracy of the information provided directly with third parties and/ or request a certified translation of specific financial documentation. In case of any doubt regarding the financial declaration, further investigations will be carried out by BEPS International School.
  4. The family is responsive to school requests for additional information to support the application.
  5. The family adheres to school deadlines and documentation submission requirements
  6. The family understands that the school is not obligated to provide financial assistance, even if the family shows eligibility for it.
  7. The family is respectful in communications with the school’s staff and leadership team.
  8. The family uses school-established channels for disputing or appealing a financial aid decision.
  9. The family is discrete about disclosing its financial aid outcomes.
  10. The family respects the privacy of other families who choose not to disclose their financial aid details or outcomes.
  11. The family has a clean record of financial obligations with current and previous educational institutions.


Who is the audience for BEPS Financial Aid Programme?

BEPS Financial Aid Programme supports families that are unable to commit to the usual school fees and cannot obtain alternative financial support or any other form of educational support from their employer, the state or other party.

Is the Financial Aid available in all grades?

The Financial Aid Programme is limited to students entering Year 7 – Year 10 (Grade 6 – Grade 9) who are already enrolled at BEPS International School or joining from another school.

Who evaluates the Financial Aid application?

The Financial Aid committee meets regularly to consider applications for Financial Aid. The Committee is made up of members of various departments from BEPS.

Will my child continue to receive Financial Aid from year to year?

BEPS renews grants based on a family’s demonstrated financial need. Therefore, families must annually update a report of their income, assets and debts. BEPS remains committed to partnering with families but recognises that a family’s ability to contribute towards school fees may increase or decrease annually. With no change in the financial profile, a family can expect their parent contribution towards school fees to increase slightly each year, typically equal to the percentage increase in school fees.

If my child enrols without receiving a financial aid package, can we expect to receive aid in future years?

BEPS recognises that there are unfortunate events that change a family’s ability to contribute to school fees, and BEPS will work with families to formulate a plan for financing. If your child does not receive a financial aid grant and your family cannot afford to finance full tuition for the remaining years, we strongly recommend that your child does not enrol.

How does BEPS ensure confidentiality throughout the financial aid process?

Protecting the confidentiality of personal data is one of the most important tasks for our financial aid office.  All financial data and subsequent proceedings with BEPS are strictly confidential; only members of the Financial Aid Committee have access to a family’s information. BEPS faculty are not privileged to any financial information regarding students.

Families can take steps to ensure confidentiality.  Your family should use school-established channels for submitting an application, as well as disputing or appealing a financial aid decision. Additionally, your family should respect confidentiality by not disclosing financial aid outcomes to any other community members.

Can I appeal the Financial Aid grant I received?

Families may request reconsideration by the Financial Aid Committee upon receipt of a financial aid decision. The only condition under which an appeal may be filed is if there is new information available for consideration that wasn’t previously known. If there is no new information to be submitted, an appeal will not be considered. A detailed monthly budget of household income and expenses, a letter to the Financial Aid Committee explaining the request for additional aid, and additional documentation of unusual circumstances are required to process appeals.

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