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Jonas & Elena's (Year 10) father

Lenny's father - Trinidad

Student Lenny and his father

" Our son has attended BEPS for the past 18 months. It is our profound pleasure to be a part of the BEPS family. From our very first visit we could feel this was a special school. From the beautiful building to the amazing staff it has been perfect for our son. The school's diversity is acknowledged and celebrated making it a light in our ever changing world.

All in all BEPS is an oasis of learning and love."




Luisa (Year 6)

Tasnima - Bangladesh

“When I first arrived in BEPS I kept worrying that I wouldn't fit in, but when I met everyone, the students and the teachers were so kind they made my experience at BEPS wonderful. I always felt at home here and the teachers took care of us like we were family. The learning is very different than in Bangladesh because here we try to connect everything. I'm sure when I grow up, I will always think BEPS was the best school, experience I've ever had.”


Three students jumping off a wall

Athina (Year 7) & Theodora's (Year 4) mother

Yujin – Japan

“I am a Japanese student. I came to BEPS when I was 8. I thought everyone would think I was very weird and tease me because I didn't speak English. In reality it was completely different. Everyone accepted me. The EAL (English programme) helped me to learn English. I was surprised at the way we learn in BEPS. We try to find connections to the themes we are learning and not just memorise all the facts. We had some fun events like the Halloween party and International Day which I had never had before. Class 8 went to Amsterdam which was the first time BEPS students went on a residential trip outside of Belgium.

Thank you BEPS!”

Yuni, student from Korea

Juni - Korea

"I came to BEPS International School in March 2016. I couldn't speak English because I am Korean. All of the students and teachers helped me to adapt kindly and respected me. I participated in the Winter Concert as a main character and I had fun; it made me thoughtful and more confident. Also that improved my English. In class 8, we had other special things like the Residential trip and cross- country skiing. I felt really happy. I am going back to Korea proud of what I learned at BEPS. I will never forget these beautiful memories.”

Sacha - France

"When I first arrived I felt scared to be in a new school however the children and the teachers treated me nicely. Making friends in BEPS is easy.

At first I had a hard time learning but BEPS gave me support to help me concentrate.

Doing my class 8 exhibition made me learn how to be an independent learner and it was very exciting and satisfying.

Being at BEPS helped me become social and respectful of other people and their languages. Now that I am leaving BEPS I will take my confidence and the kindness I learned in this amazing school with me.”