Tuition Fees

School fees for BEPS Early Years & Primary include:

  • Learning support EAL & SEN (Please note that a personal assistant is not included)
  • All school educational material, use of computers and notebooks
  • All day trips to museums and other places of interest
  • The annual Residential Trip for Year 3 to Year 6 (if taking place)
  • Upon arrival, children will receive a PE kit.

School fees for BEPS Secondary include:

  • English language support alongside the English Language Acquisition IB subject for Secondary School
  • Learning support provided by school specialist teachers (Please note that a personal assistant and external specialists are not included) for Secondary
  • Compulsory Day or Multi-day trips linked to team building or learning, to museums and other places of interest for Secondary
  • Essential educational materials – e.g textbooks (online or physical), use of computers and notebooks for IB DP1 & DP2 and IB CP1 & CP2
  • Use of a Personal Computer for IB DP1 & DP2 and IB CP1 & CP2
  • Upon arrival, children will receive a PE kit.

At BEPS, we believe that students learn best in an environment which includes peers from a variety of economic, cultural, and geographic backgrounds.

BEPS Financial Aid Programme for Secondary School supports the enrolment of students who otherwise would not be able to attend the school due to financial reasons.

Tuition fees 2023-2024

The following fees are Corporate fees. Private fees can be requested from the Admissions Office –

Early YearsEarly Years 1, Early Years 2 and Early Years 318 500 €
Lower PrimaryYear 1 - Year 225 450 €
Upper PrimaryYear 3 - Year 627 950 €
Secondary MYP1 - MYP330 900€
Secondary MYP4 - MYP531 400€
SecondaryIB DP1 & DP2
IB CP1 & CP2
33 350€

One-Time payments:

(due upon Application)

Early years & Primary schoolSecondary school
Registration Fee600 €600 €
School Development Fund600 €600 €
Deposit - refundable800 €1000 €

More information

Payment conditions

Invoices are payable in EURO (€) to the account of BEPS International School. Bank charges are payer’s responsibility.

CBC Bank
IBAN : BE16 7320 5508 8674

Please note that we cannot accept cash payments due to bank regulations.

Other costs

Whole school:

Additional services and activities are available. Since they are optional and provided by external organization, they are not included in the annual fees.

  • External caterer/Hot lunch service
  • Bus

Early Years & Primary School:

  • After School Clubs
  • Garderie

The school fees for the Secondary School don’t include:

  • optional IB-MYP5 Assessment fees for MYP1 to MYP5
  • Personal educational materials linked to subject choice (eg. Graphing calculators, project specific art supplies, personal copies of novels etc)
  • IB CP1: Compulsory Global Summer Programme in Switzerland, around CHF 2500, excluding flights and visas
  • Compulsory DP2 and CP2 IB assessment fees
Starting after1st January 1st March 1st May
Early Years12.020 €8.320 €4.070 €
Lower School16.540 €11.450 €5.600 €
Upper School18.170 €12.580 €6.150 €
Secondary School
20.080 €13.900€6.800€
Secondary School
20.410 €14.130 €6.910 €
Secondary School
IB DP1 & DP2
IB CP1 & CP2
21.680 €15.010 €7.340 €
Student leaving schoolReduction on full year tuition
Between 1st September – 31st January25 %
After 31st January0 %