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Welcome to Brussels

Brussels is located in the heart of Europe, and it's size means that it can offer the advantages of a capital city whilst retaining and the quality of life of a large and active town. You can easily travel from Brussels to Paris, London, Amsterdam or Cologne.

Where do our families live?

Most of our families live in Ixelles, Uccle and Watermael-Boitsfort. But we have children travelling from all around Brussels and further afield. However, be aware that traffic can sometimes be difficult in Brussels.

Need help with relocation?

Please find below some websites that can help you with your move and to settle in Brussels:

Expats in Brussels

If you would like the help of a relocation agent you can find their details on

Vaccination in Belgium

Vaccination is an essential means of preventing infectious diseases at any time of life. Some vaccines are compulsory, others simply recommended. 

In Belgium, only polio vaccination is compulsory by law. 

Highly recommended are vaccinations against the following diseases: diphtheria, whooping cough, type b Haemophilus influenzae, measles, rubella (German measles) and mumps. 

Need a friendly face?

When you join our school we will happily put you in touch with a "BEPS Buddy Family"

Need a babysitter?

Some of our families recommend their babysitters, so please take a look for this information on the notice board next to the office.

Students from ULB University

Ligue des Familles