BEPS community: BEPS PTA donation

In usual times, the BEPS PTA would be organising their annual Easter Egg Hunt for the children at the beginning of April. As they aren’t able to do so this year, they donated the money that they would have used to buy the eggs, to support a project organised by The Saint-Luc University Clinics, the Liège University Hospital, the Erasmus Hospital, the Brussels University Hospital and Antwerp University Hospital to help hospitals and their staff during the Coronavirus crisis.

In response to this, BEPS management doubled the donation made by the PTA.

The BEPS PTA also joined a solidarity action web site, a citizens’ initiative which shares the solidarity actions that have been implemented since the appearance of Coronavirus. We can help build this site by working together and sending suggestions via Your help in translating articles is also welcome.

Art credit: Arthur Sallustrau, Art & Design Teacher BEPS Secondary School