BEPS celebrated Wellbeing Day

At BEPS we value who our children are. We want them to feel safe, well-balanced and happy in order to fully connect with their learning 🥰
🌳On Wellbeing Day students were given the opportunity to discover forest experience, namely forest bathing 🌳.
Throughout the day teachers in all sections of the school raised awareness on how nature impacts humans’ wellbeing through their senses: smelling autumn fragrances, listening to noises in the forest, touching the bark of trees, observing golden brown scenery. All of these contribute to human wellbeing 🧘‍♀️🧘️.
😮‍💨🦋Activities went from ephemeral art in the forest, yoga and mindful breathing, forest-related story time to categorizing plants, hugging trees or making sensory bottles🦋😮‍💨.


A memorable Wellbeing Day in our school!