BEPS talks: animation workshop

Often when we plan a particular learning experience, there are multiple levels on which the students learn. The aim of BEPS Secondary School is to take what is often called the ‘hidden curriculum’ involving soft skills like collaboration and time management and make them explicit. We aim to create environments where learning is visible on multiple levels and for multiple goals.

Last week’s HOWOW workshop was a great example of this; our students experienced the design process involved in making a short stop motion animation – creating models, storyboard, sound effects lighting, and shooting. Our explicit goal was to create an animated shipwreck which could be used for the opening scene of our end of year production. The skills and themes were linked to Art and Design and even Literature classes, where MYP classes are exploring Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Twelfth Night, both of which begin with a shipwreck.

The normally hidden curriculum was explored throughout the whole process, from creative thinking to self-management and eventually a detailed reflection on the overall success of the experience with goals and targets set and transfer of knowledge future projects made possible.