BEPS traditions: Easter Egg Hunt

In usual times, the BEPS PTA would be organising their annual Easter Egg Hunt for the children today 1st April. As they aren’t able to do so this year, they are going to donate the money that they would have used to buy the eggs, to support a project organised by The Saint-Luc University Clinics, the Liège University Hospital, the Erasmus Hospital, the Brussels University Hospital and Antwerp University Hospital to help hospitals and their staff during the Coronavirus crisis.

However, it seemed a great shame for such an important BEPS event to go unmarked, and so we thought that in true BEPS spirit, the event should go on. However, this year it is going to be a particularly healthy Egg Hunt with no chocolate eggs needed. You may wonder how we are going to make this work?

To achieve this we are making today a ‘screen free’ day, and instead of regular learning everybody in the BEPS community will be organising an egg hunt around their house, apartment or garden. This year, the children are in the driving seat and will do the organising. Brothers and sisters can work together as a team, but single children will be working on their own.

We hope everybody will have a great time and that the children don’t make it too easy for their parents to find the eggs.