BEPS Traditions: Saint Nicholas

Traditions play an important role in sustaining the sense of community at BEPS. Saint Nicholas is the biggest children’s celebration in Belgium, and it is also one of the longest standing traditions in BEPS. This week, the children have been reflecting on their strengths and the things they need to develop so that they could share this with St. Nicholas. They have written letters and poems to him and made shoes and Mitres (the special hat he wears).

When the children arrived in their classrooms this morning, everybody was very happy. Saint Nicholas had visited our school on Sunday night, leaving letters, some treats and a book for each class.

We would like to thank the BEPS PTA for supporting St. Nicholas and helping him find his way here and making the day special for the children.

We also hope that Saint Nicholas enjoyed the beautiful poem written by Year 4P:

‘Dear St. Nicolas,

We thought you may be getting tired of reading letters, so we have written you a list poem, like the ones we have been learning about, instead.


Things 4P have been doing lately.

Developing our handwriting to impress Ms. Porrett, by joining it and writing carefully.

Learning new things everyday.

Washing our hands with gel to keep us safe from Covid (even though the gel is freezing).

Learning about volcanoes and volcanologists.

Designing an art machine, so we could learn how to write instructions.

Helping people when they need it, like explaining words to our friends when they don’t know what they mean.

Testing to see if liquids all flow at the same speed (honey, water, washing up liquid and paint).

Infuriating Ms. Porrett by asking if we should write with a pencil or a pen.

Talking to our friends and our teacher about how bad the weather is.

Designing wonderful posters (Earthquake Safety, and Growth not Fixed Mindset ones)

Trying our best and never giving up.

Helping Ms. Porrett find her glasses when she’s lost them (sometimes Viggo has ‘hidden’ them for fun).

Improving our English so we can speak well.

Listening to Horrid Henry stories – which we love.

Designing earthquake safe buildings with plasticine and straws … testing them with a shake table.

Hiding our ‘penports’ on the way to French and water bottles on the way to break.

Extending our sentences to make them better.

Wondering what you have been doing lately.


But saving the best one to last…

Having fun with each other and Ms.Porrett.