BEPS traditions: winter fair

The BEPS Winter Fair is one of the special events that is always eagerly anticipated by the children. They enthusiastically prepare items to sell to the rest of the BEPS community with one aim in mind: to help those less fortunate than themselves.

Raising awareness of the way that we can support others is always very important, and at BEPS we do this at three levels; locally, internationally and in response to crises. Our Winter Fair is an event we use to support Nativitas a local charity. Nativitas is an organisation that provides hot meals from their kitchen in the centre of Brussels and distributes weekly food packages to those in need.

The children are aware of the good that their hard work achieves and enjoy themselves whilst preparing and selling the items they make. As a result of all of this we are happy to announce that we will be sending just over 1,900€ to Nativitas. This will be used to buy food to prepare hot meals in their kitchen over the holiday period.

The children are very proud of their achievements and understand that when everybody works together we really can make a difference.

Thank you to the whole of the BEPS Community for making this possible!