BEPS traditions: year 6 exhibition

The Year 6 Exhibition is one of the great BEPS traditions. What makes the Exhibition unique is that it asks Year 6 students, for their final project of Primary school, to create an in-depth project based on a topic of their choice. Students are asked to conduct their own research and then find an expert whom they need to interview. In addition, students work with a mentor teacher who guides them along in the process.

Perhaps most importantly, students need to consider after they complete their research, how they can make a difference in the world, based on what they have learned. This year’s Exhibition featured a range of fascinating topics including Earthquake Safety, Climate Change, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Electric Cars, The Bangladesh Independence War, World War I, Drama Therapy and Space Exploration. It was remarkable to see the process students went through, from the early stages of note taking, creating Powerpoint presentations, coming up with original pieces of art and making interactive games based on their topics. The final event was a terrific celebration where students were able to share their research with family and friends about what they had learned, and how they thought they can now make a difference in the world. We are very proud of you, Year 6!