Celebration of Learning Day

Parents were invited to visit the art exhibition that the children worked on during different learning activities. The children became ‘teachers’ for one day, guiding their parents through their learning environment, showing some of the things they learnt in class.
The art exhibition was truly extraordinary, as it showcased the diverse range of artists and the variety of techniques and materials that the Early Years team explored with the children.
The children were beaming and it was lovely to see parents admire the artwork and share in the excitement of their children’s achievements.
During the exhibition, parents also took action by writing bids on post-its to acquire some of the art pieces the children made. All the proceeds will be donated to SOS Children’s Villages. In total, the parents committed to donate 688€ 🥰.
Should you wish to help this organisation as well, please do! You can find a link to their direct donations page here.

This event marked the Exit Point to their unit Imagine That! 🖼 🧑‍🎨🎨, which allowed children to share and celebrate their learning with their parents.