Co-designing the future of BEPS

Great strategy starts with everyone knowing why you do what you do. And sometimes the strategy process starts by refining the core values and mission before tackling the shorter term 4-5 years ahead. You can’t work out where you’re headed until you know why you’re uniquely placed to do it.

This should be no different in these uncertain times. We should continue to take opportunities to redesign a resilient but dynamic learning environment for our children, and to reshape our school community into something new, whilst retaining the unique BEPS magic.

Therefore, BEPS decided to choose the end of 2020 to celebrate the strengths of its community and, together, chart out our future. The engagement of the whole community – students, staff and parents in the process is very important to us. We will also find out from the business world what they expect from leaders to best prepare our students for their future.

In order to have external validation of our own reflection, we have chosen to work with NoTosh, an international company expert in design thinking processes.

In these turbulent times when parents fear that their children will have difficulties recovering, it is even more crucial to reflect and prepare for the future.

At BEPS we always want to provide our students with the best learning experience! To achieve this, we are strengthening our mission, the ‘why’ that defines the special essence of BEPS International School.