Arts (Visual Arts, Drama, Music)

Art is a universal human expression that has always mirrored the spirit of society in which it was created. The goal of the course is to shape curious, engaged and caring individuals that are able to articulate complex ideas and practise creative-thinking. Over the years, students experiment with many topics, techniques and materials to challenge their perceptions, stimulate their imaginations and develop critical-thinking skills. They learn how to express themselves through any media, and to convey feelings and experiences.

We follow a multidisciplinary approach to the study of Music. Music appreciation introduces students to several different musical concepts such as music in our world, in our communities, expressing ourselves with music and connecting through music. All this will lead students to a deeper appreciation for Music, themselves and others as it relates to understanding the global community. Intercultural awareness is also supported as students experience holistic learning linked to other subjects which guides them into an inquiry about Music. Through the different Music Units, they will learn both theoretical content such as History of Music and practical content such as composing their own music pieces and presenting them to the audience.