Music is a unique and powerful source of creativity and communication that can reach across cultural and individual barriers. It helps to help foster personal and collective cooperation and development. As an integral part of all cultures, past and present, it helps students understand themselves and relate to others.

The Music programme at BEPS is an active and engaging subject, which aims to implement the philosophy of the IPC and, as much as possible, offers links with the students’ Units of work.

From Year 1 – 6 the children have 1 lesson following the Music programme each week. In addition to this, when there is a link with Music in the IPC learning goals, the Music teacher will place more emphasis on Music and have extra lessons or support the class teacher in the classroom.

Children from Year 1 – 6 also have the opportunity to join either our Lower Primary or Upper Primary School choirs, where they have opportunities to demonstrate their skills in real live contexts such as at our Winter Concert, Summer fair and with other choirs at the International Schools Choir Day.