Developing the love of reading in children

We know that listening to children read on a regular basis and discussing their books has a huge impact on their academic achievement.

Although teachers hear children read, they need as many opportunities as possible to further develop their reading skills and a love of reading. For this reason, we invite parents to volunteer to come into BEPS and hear children read during the school day.

The class teacher selects pupils for the volunteer to read with for a period of about five minutes. Our volunteers support the child in a range of different ways. If the child is starting a new book, they will ask the pupil to make predictions about what they think might happen in the book. If the child has already started reading the book, they will be asked what has happened so far to see if they can summarise the text.

Whist the child is reading, the adult will support them with vocabulary and check their understanding of the text. They will also help with reading accuracy and expression. Reading a passage or sentences to the child helps the child to hear how it should sound.

At the end of the session the children are given the chance to reflect on what they read. They will be asked questions to encourage them to retrieve information and asked to share their opinions about the text or identify inferences.

Both children and teachers look forward to the arrival of the reading volunteers. The children love the opportunity to read and always enthusiastically grasp the chance when it occurs. We know that the volunteers enjoy the time too and so it is a win, win situation. We are grateful to the parents and grandparents that make this opportunity happen, with their support the children make positive progress, develop their reading skills and have fun too.