Discovery Project Exhibition

During the last few months, MYP1, 2 & 3 students have been creating their own product by putting their ideas and creativity into practice, exploring uncharted territories and developing their interests.
Apart from creating their product, they have also set their own learning goal in order to acquire new knowledge and gain an in-depth understanding of something they feel passionate about. They have been simultaneously improving their skills such as how to plan in advance and organise their work, how to research and look for answers and
be able to work independently.
They have been gaining new insights, opening new perspectives,
and discovering new horizons.
All their hard work and achievements were presented on this occasion and guests and parents had the opportunity to ask questions and see the products.
The students showed that they are all curious, motivated and ambitious which is at the core of life-long learning and we are proud to say that at BEPS we have future CEOs, fashion designers, architects, pastry chefs, engineers, writers and many more creative thinkers .

We celebrated the final stage of the Discovery Project Journey with the big Discovery Project Exhibition.