Getting started with robotics and programming

How much of what you have done today relies in some way on programming?
Did you take the metro to school? Open a social media app? Read an eBook?
What about robotics? The car you travelled to school in, your phone or tablet were all made by robots.

The future is now – and what better way to experience authentic learning than by getting your hands on simple programming languages and robots.

Today at the Brussels Apple store the BEPS Secondary Students made a robot dance, animated an LED matrix and programmed a robot to navigate an obstacle course.

Using basic programming, lots of collaboration and communication the students learned by trial and error, making calculations of angles and estimations of speed. It was a truly immersive learning experience where they demonstrated the IB learner Profile and developed a whole range of soft skills.

Unique to our approach here at BEPS Secondary is the desire to make all students aware that learning is everywhere. Schools are specialised learning environments, but they shouldn’t exist in isolation from the real world and it is part of our mission to take our students into the wider community to learn.