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Learning for Life

Day trips


Day trips are an integral part of learning at BEPS.

Whether it is a visit to a farm when learning about animals, the Cote d' Or Factory when learning about chocolate, the Ligue Braille when learning about Senses or the Museum of Natural Sciences when learning about Dinosaurs they are more than just a fun day out. Day trips are a key part of our curriculum. They give the children the opportunity to experience what they are learning about in real-life and within the host country.

Residential Trips

The Residential Trip involves an overnight or longer stay in another part of Belgium or abroad. For many children, it is the first experience they have of spending time away from their parents. Supported by their caring teachers they develop confidence, social skills and independence in a new environment.

These trips offer diverse and exciting activities where they can experience outdoor learning or discover local culture and history.

Global Citizens and Sustainability

Developing International Mindedness means our children learn about other places around the world and discover that some people are in need. They also learn how to make responsible choices considering the consequences of their actions. We encourage them to think about and to help people less fortunate than themselves.


The children are engaged in three different types of charitable support: locally, internationally and in response to emergencies. Either the children organise special events like a cake sale or sponsored walk, or families bring in goods that we transfer to the area of need.

Locally: In December, our children produce items to sell at our Winter Fair. The money they raise is given to Nativitas a local charity supporting people in difficult situations or who are alone.

Internationally: Every 2-3 years the children help the school to choose our international charity programme. It is usually something linked to children. Our last programme was supporting the Blue Turtle Centre that helps develop children's learning in the poorest part of Kolkata.

Response to emergencies: In recent years, we have been supporting people in Japan, the Balkans area, Nepal and Benin.

Green School

At BEPS we want to make sure that the children are aware of the importance of looking after our planet and encourage them to be involved in doing so.

To this end we recycle paper and collect used batteries so that they can be sent for recycling too.

Our IPC Units also teach the children how to think responsibly about the world they live in. One example is in On Tap, a Unit about water, where the children learn about water pollution and how to save and use water wisely.

Children grow various types of plants as a result of class learning, and our after-school Nature Club. In Nature Club the children also think about local wildlife and have made insect hotels and bird feeders.

Of course, our Golden Rule ‘We care for our planet’ means that the children are reminded of their responsibilities on a regular basis.