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Providing Quality Education for Children aged 2½ to 14

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Learning Support

English as Additional Support and Mother Tongue

All the children that join our Primary school with with no or a limited knowledge of English will receive English as an Additional Language (EAL) to accelerate their English development and allow them to fully access the curriculum.

During their first 6 weeks at BEPS the beginners participate in the EAL "Fun Club" and receive daily a "Survival English" lesson to help them settle into our English speaking environment.

After this period, and according to the child's level, the Learning Support team and Class Teacher will recommend the appropriate number of EAL sessions for the rest of the year. Parents will be informed before the sessions begin and will receive feedback on progress at the end of each term. The number of EAL sessions is reviewed on a termly basis.

Special Needs

When a child needs support that can't be provided through differentiated lessons in the classroom, or following the diagnosis of a specific learning need, they can receive Special Educational Needs (SEN) support.

In consultation with the classroom teacher and according to the child's level the Learning Support team will recommend the appropriate number of sessions. Parents will be informed before the sessions begin. This support will be reviewed on a termly basis.

An Individual Education Plan is provided to inform parents of the learning targets that will be prioritised and how they will be met.

When appropriate, the class teacher and the SEN teacher will meet with external specialists such as psychologists or speech and language therapists and the parents to ensure a common approach is followed.

To ensure a smooth transition to our school, and to enable us to provide the right support from the first day, it is important we are informed of any support a child is already receiving in their current school when you register.