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Providing Quality Education for Children aged 2½ to 15

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Online Learning Plan

The aim of online learning is:

  • To ensure a continuous learning experience whenever and wherever learners need it. 
  • To continue providing meaningful learning opportunities, which are individualised and challenging for each child whilst offering various learning experiences (brain friendly/multiple intelligences)
  • To continue providing opportunities for engagement with teachers and peers 

As a whole school, BEPS identified the need to create a more connected learning experience for staff, learners and parents. Recent events have accelerated the implementation of this and as such, this is an ongoing development plan.
The technology used for learning and communication:

Platforms: SeeSaw for Early Years, Lower School and Year 3, Google classroom for Upper School, Google Classroom and ManageBac for Secondary, BEPS Online and ManageBac for parents. These are used alongside the established email procedures.
Advice concerning a selection of educational apps adapted to age levels, and websites suitable for learning will be offered to parents.