Letters of compassion

Just before Spring break, the students in French Acquisition from BEPS Secondary School were asked to write a letter to the eldrely who are confined in a care home. The project was integrated into the unit ‘What is human solidarity and service to the community?’

Building a sense of audience and using excellent written communication skills, our students demonstrated enthusiasm and empathy by producing heartwarming letters.

The letters were given to a care home in West Brussels. Within just a few days we received an answer from their nurse:

‘I am the manager of the entertainment service at the Rest Home. We have received your letters of support. Thank you. We distributed them to residents. They were very touched by this mark of attention.

Thank you very much from us to all of these young people who shared their daily lives with us and who showed great empathy for the situation of the elderly.’

Numerous residents responded to the students, some letters were carefully written specifically for each student:

“You speak 3 languages: Arabic, French, English. I can talk 3 and a half languages! French and Dutch (my parents were both bilingual) and English learned during my humanities (I don’t know if it’s still called that today: from around 12 to 18 years old, between elementary school and university or higher education. Plus, a fourth language which I learned the basics by myself. I’ll let you guess. “

“Well done for doing fencing. But for my part, I am not very athletic. I can’t even swim. It is said that young people now receive weekly swimming lessons. On the other hand, I biked, and I quite like to walk, sometimes over long distances.”

”I don’t know you, but I appreciate your company. I am 86 years old and I am confined here because of this nasty virus. I know that you too are stuck at home…”

”You speak several languages, what a richness! I am very old; 89 years old and very talkative …”

We are very proud of our students. In challenging times like these, to share goodwill like this might just make a difference to someone.