Beyond the Classroom

We believe in well balanced children. Therefore, our after school clubs and holiday camps offer a diversity of activities so that every child can blossom.

In addition to after school clubs we also offer a breakfast club from 08:00 and after school care until 18:00 (15.00 on Wednesdays).

After School Clubs

Children join clubs on a termly basis and have a range to choose from.

These include activities such as:

  • Sports: Football, Judo, Yoga, Mini basket, Self defense etc.
  • Arts: Art and Craft, Ukulele, Drama, StoryTime, Puppet Theatre
  • Other: Cooking Club, Discovering Nature

We are always looking for new clubs to offer, and welcome new ideas.

Breakfast Club

We welcome the children into the playground from 8:30 every day. If you need to drop the children off earlier you can register them at the Breakfast Club.

It is open to children from Reception – Year 6 and runs from 08.00 to 08.30 each morning . Children are welcomed into the Pre-school building where they will engage in a calm morning activity and receive a drink and a snack (e.g. milk, juice, waffle or fruit).

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After school care / Garderie

School ends at 15:30 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and 12:30 on Wednesdays.

As it is not always possible to pick up your child/ren at these times, some former BEPS’ parents run an after school care/Garderie. They will look after your child/ren until 18.00 or 15.00 on Wednesdays.

When they arrive at the Garderie, the children have a break and eat their snack. They then engage in various fun activities. The older children are encouraged to complete their homework before playing. In good weather, they have access to the school playground.

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For registration or questions about conditions, attendance or pick up time, you need to contact the Garderie team at:

Holiday Clubs

During the school holidays children can participate in a Holiday Club. These are organised by a team of teachers and coaches from our After School Clubs and take place at school.

They offer a variety of fun activities including arts, sports, cooking, story time, drama and nature walks.

Holiday Clubs are organised during the:

  • October holiday
  • February holiday
  • One week of the April holiday
  • The first two weeks of the summer holiday
  • The last two weeks of the summer holiday

Children registered to start at BEPS after one of these holidays are welcome to participate in these clubs.

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