Settling Into BEPS

Please find information here that will help your family quickly settle into BEPS. If you have any further questions please contact us.

Daily Schedule

Early Years & Primary:

  • Children are welcomed by teachers in the playground from 08:30.
  • At 08:50 they line up and go into their classrooms.
  • All children should be in class and ready to learn by 09:00.
  • School ends at 15:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and at 12:30 on Wednesday.
  • After school clubs end at 16:45 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and at 13:45 on Wednesday.
  • Garderie ends at 18:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and at 15:00 on Wednesday.


  • Students arrive at school between 08:30 and 08:55.
  • All Students should be in class and ready to learn by 09:00.
  • School ends at 16:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and at 14:00 on Wednesday.


School transport can be organised through Allominibus SPRL which has been serving BEPS International School families for 30 years.

They offer:

  • Door-to-Door minibus transport to and from the school
  • Round trips, one way in the morning or in the afternoon and/or late pick up from after-school clubs or Garderie
  • In the morning the bus driver will take your child/ren into the playground and at the end of the day, they will collect them from their teacher.

For more information and fees please contact:
Mr Christodoulos Gagavouzis
Telephone: 0487 – 954 – 973

Lunch service

At BEPS we offer a lunch service with the option of a hot or cold lunch.

The two options available are from: TCO Service (hot lunch) or Box Bunny (cold lunch). Information about the subscription to our lunch services can be obtained from the school office for TCO Service or directly from Box Bunny for cold lunches.

Alternatively children can bring a packed lunch from home.

Due to the increased number of children identified as suffering from nut allergies, BEPS is now ‘Nut Free’, and so no food items containing nuts should be brought into school.

Children must bring a bottle of water with them every day.

We encourage the children to be as healthy as possible and do not allow fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate bars in school.

Children need to bring a snack to eat during their morning break time.
If they are joining an after school activity or the garderie, we advise they bring a snack with them for this time too.

Take a look at our TCO Classic Menu and TCO Vegetarian Menu.

Communication with parents

At BEPS we communicate with the parents in the following ways:

  • E-mail
  • Curriculum information letters (sent via e-mail)
  • Weekly class updates (sent via e-mail)
  • Weekly leadership letter regarding general school matters and latest news (sent via e-mail)
  • Meet the teachers evening
  • Parent/Teacher or Mentor consultations – twice a year
  • Student-Led Conference
  • End of year written report
  • The school website.

Our school encourages direct communication between each parent and any member of our school: Teachers, Leadership team, Administrative team. If parents have any concerns they are encouraged to make an appointment to talk with the teacher. Depending on the sensitivity of the subject the meeting can be either virtual or held at school.