Screen free wednesdays

Once we overcame the initial technical issues Online Learning brought with it, we quickly realised that we were faced with an even bigger problem. This was the amount of screen time it required from everyone.

In normal times, we are discouraging children from using screens too much, and yet suddenly we were asking them to sit in front of one for more hours than was healthy for them each day.

We know that it is crucial to have a balance between learning and free time, and that screen free time is also a must. Therefore, we quickly adapted the number of online learning activities the children were offered each day, and teachers designed activities to support this move.

In addition to this, we decided to introduce ‘Screen Free Wednesdays’. These mean that each Wednesday, children should be engaged in activities that do not require a screen at all.

On Tuesdays, teachers post and explain the activity or activities for the following day. These are based on two-weekly themes that go across the whole school, and so children from Pre-School to Year 6 will be engaged in age appropriate activities based around the same theme. We hope that this will also encourage engagement between siblings as well as with their parents. On Wednesdays, we also ask the children to read, play board or card games, take some exercise and help with chores around the house.

Teachers don’t post work during that day either, but plan and prepare learning activities.

We know that this is the right direction to be moving in, and parents are very supportive of this decision. They are helping their children stay away from screens on Wednesdays to make sure that they really remain ‘Screen Free’.