Type of year: Early years

Mum of a Early Years 2 student

Thanks for an amazing experience Yesterday! Spurred on by our son, we found ourselves counting down to the opening of the Dinosaur museum, and the event certainly exceeded our expectations. Two things in particular truly touched us: – the dignity and respect with which you treat our children, which clearly encourages their autonomy. The event […]

Natalia Federighi

Our children loved this beautiful school located in the forest – the best environment to learn for a kid! BEPS’ international community was a very enriching experience that allowed us to develop many memorable friendships and organize so many playdates for our kids. We also had opportunities to speak to the teachers and follow up […]

Julio Cordeiro

The best part of our experience at BEPS was to know that the school offered more than just a curriculum and that our son was learning in a multicultural environment with values similar to ours. The emotional support during his adaptation to a new language was impressive, he evolved so fast, being able to express […]

Loose Parts Play

In our Early Years, children are engaged in play-based experiences that allow them to explore their curiosity, build confidence and nurture fundamental knowledge and skills.  “Loose Parts play” is part of our daily ‘free flow’ activities. Teachers encourage the children to use their imagination, playing with resources such as cardboard boxes, wooden planks, branches, tyres, […]

Nanna Gelebo

We have been so happy with BEPS and are sorry to leave. Unfortunately, we have to due to our work. My son keeps saying he wants to stay at school all the time – and he is upset when school is closed. And he is learning so so much! That is the best compliment for […]

Transition to Primary

Our Reception Class makes the transition between the Early Years and the Primary School. This is the year when the children become ‘ready for school’ by developing their independence, confidence, resilience and curiosity. Children are introduced to Phonics allowing them to begin the reading and writing process. In addition to French, Music and PE, our […]

Weekly forest trip

At BEPS we know it’s important to set aside time for outdoor play. In addition to our daily outdoor sessions on the playground or in our outdoor learning areas, the children in Early Years go to the woods every week for some fun hands-on outdoor learning activities. We believe that children who play outdoors are […]

Early Years Concert

Once a year the children in Early Years shine in their Early Years Concert. Parents love seeing their child smiling, laughing, and having fun. The event is a celebration of the year we have shared with the children. Whilst it gives them the opportunity to develop confidence, they can also share their talents.  

Entry points & Exit points

The Entry Point is an activity for children that begins each Unit of Work and provides an exciting introduction to the work that is to follow. Entry points can last from one hour to a week, depending on the age of the children and the appropriateness of the activity. The Exit Point completes every Unit. […]