Type of year: Secondary school

BEPS Mentors

At BEPS Secondary, Mentors are an important point of contact in school life. Our students and their mentors meet daily in small groups forming close relationships, planning and setting targets and deadlines for the day and the week ahead. BEPS Mentors help students by regularly following them up in their organisation, discussing their responses to […]

University & Career Counselling

BEPS International School: provides personal guidance at all stages of the university process (preparing and submitting university applications and tracking offers, teacher and counsellor letters of recommendations and mock interviews) assists in course selection geared toward a future career through choosing a course of study and finding the right university for them (factors like location, […]

Ingrid Owens

Our daughter has again made marked progress this year, developing more organisational structure inside herself and so in her school work and activities. She is showing more and more interest in school and as parents, we are now feeling positive about her gaining in confidence and finding her place in the world. She has a […]

Arts (Visual Arts, Drama, Music)

Arts (Visual Arts, Drama, Music)

We follow a multidisciplinary approach to the study of Music. Music appreciation introduces students to several different musical concepts such as music in our world, in our communities, expressing ourselves with music and connecting through music. All this will lead students to a deeper appreciation for Music, themselves and others as it relates to understanding […]