Type of year: Secondary school

Thinking about thinking

Students bring their experience, reflections, culture and backgrounds to their learning. These aspects of identity colour the significance students give to and find in learning. Thinking lessons help identify and articulate what is valuable, beautiful and important in these significant aspects students discover. Lessons provide tools for thinking logically, equipping students with ways to communicate […]


Students are developing and discovering the world together with others and as individuals. Their emotions, strengths and weaknesses, backgrounds, dreams and plans all contribute to this discovery. Wellbeing lessons seek to explain important information, help students to reflect as they develop and to encourage them in their discovery of the world around them. Along with […]

Day trips & Residential trips

Day trips are an integral part of learning at BEPS and are a key part of our curriculum. They give the children the opportunity to experience what they are learning about in real life and within the host country. Whether it is a visit to a farm when learning about animals, the Chocolate Nation when […]