BEPS Financial Aid Request Form

Please give as much detail as possible in response to all questions,
in order to help the BEPS Financial Aid committee to assess your circumstances.

1 Family
2 Child
3 Reasons
Family information

First parent

Second parent

Child information

Child information

Child information

Child information

Reason(s) for application

When you apply, please take into consideration the following questions: How long is your family going to stay in Belgium? Why do you want to register your child/ children at BEPS? Do your children have Learning Support needs? What languages do your children speak?

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Required financial documents

Please send copies of the following documents to
If these documents are not submitted, the Financial Aid Committee won’t be able to consider your application.

1. Income:

  • Salary slips (both parents) for the last 3 months
  • Rental income from real estate
  • Income from securities/ bonds / dividends
  • Other sources of income

2. Expenses:

  • Rental
  • Car costs
  • Other expenses

3. Most recent annual statement of Belgian income tax

4. Assets:

  • Deposits
  • Other assets

5. Liabilities:

  • Loans and/or other liabilities

6. Benefit in kind:

  • Educational allowance paid by employer
  • Company car
  • Housing provided by employer

7. In case of a divorce/separation, a copy of the divorce decree

By submitting these documents, you declare that all the information supplied is true and correct and includes all incomes and benefits in kind.